GOATA - Level 2 

Recode Specialist


The Next Level of GOATA Coaching

GOATA - Level 2


The GOATA2 is the next step in the journey for GOATA Coaches who are
committed to helping their clients master nature’s movement code and unlock
lifelong, pain free, performance.

The GOATA2 is a 10-Week immersive experience that picks up exactly where
we left off in the GOATA1. The course includes both online video modules and
energetic group calls with the Head Coaching staff.

Each week the education will
progress deeper and deeper into the GOATA methodology, with practical coaching
application skills to implement right away.

In addition, students will continue progressing through their own personal GOATA
Recode week by week.

By the end of the course, students will be fully equipped to evaluate clients,
prescribe Recode protocols, and Coach all of the movement progressions from
start to finish.

Level 2


Invite Only

Recode Specialist

  • 10-Week Online Curriculum
  • Weekly Group Calls (10)
  • Personal Assessment & Recode
  • Virtual Support Circle & Video Coaching
  • GOATA App & Coach Map
Course Syllabus

GOATA2 Enrollment is available by invite only to GOATA1 graduates who meet the requirements.


Please enroll in the GOATA1 to begin your journey...

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