About Us

Through slow motion video we studied crawling variations of babies, indigenous tribes, super athletes that avoided non contact injuries, and the 55-60 year old marathon runner who still runs at a high level pain free.

We took the movement patterns of the elite athletes and movers of the world and our knowledge of how the body is designed to move and created a complete system broken into modules that train you from the ground up. These exercises are designed to help remove unhealthy movement behaviors you may have picked up over time and insert healthy movement behaviors in their place. 

These natural movement behaviors come with benefits 

Nature is Mathematics and has a code to keep your joints safe until you die. If you’re in pain you’re in violation of the math. You need to get a recode and change the way you move today! www.goatamovement.com

-Coach Gil

The innate security infrastructure we call GOATA at GLS (Greatest of all Time Actions or Athletes) helps to remove repetitive stress injuries and non-contact catastrophic injures at the same time for life.



We understand through slow motion that there is an innate security system inside the human CNS.

We train to this security model.

It makes sense that the security would be the performance.

The more "stable" "healthy" a joint is the more efficiently it will move pressure.

The path of least resistance leads us to the most force.

We found that path.

And we beat that path into the CNS until it is as smooth as a sidewalk.

Then the CNS has NO CHOICE but to default to the inputs that we have dictated.

And we decided those inputs from the movement behaviors we saw in slow motion from the worlds most durable and worlds most vulnerable.

-Professor Coach Ricky Stanzi