GOATA Certification

Unlock Nature's Movement Code for Yourself and Your Clients


Are You Ready...?


To Unlock Nature's Movement Code for Lifelong, Pain-Free Movement?

Level 1



Groundwork Coach

  • 3-Week Masterclass (12hr Course)
  • Online Video Curriculum (8 Modules)
  • Weekly Group Calls (3)
  • Virtual Community Group
  • Daily Personal GOATA Recode¬†

Level 2


Invite Only after L1

Recode Specialist

  • 10-Week Online Curriculum
  • Weekly Group Calls (10)
  • Personal Assessment & Recode
  • Virtual Support Circle & Video Coaching
  • GOATA App & Coach Map
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What is GOATA?

Watch this video to learn how we discovered GOATA and created the system that help's you unlock it.  

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Are You Looking To Help People...

  • Finally Get Out of Pain For Good?

  • Assess and Address the Real Problems?

  • Understand Nature‚Äôs Movement Code?

  • Restore Fluidity and Rhythm?¬†

  • Feel Younger Everyday?


    Then the GOATA Certification is For You.

GOATA Certification Experience


The GOATA methodology is unlike anything else in the industry, and so is the certification experience.

We offer the GOATA1 for FREE to ensure everyone has a chance to learn this powerful method properly.

The GOATA1 is the first step for anyone ready to unlock Nature's movement code.


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